IDNTT produces, smart, consistent, cross-media, cross-market and unique content, with the main goal of creating interactions and traffic to websites, ecommerce and physical stores of our clients. We work on Content that engage the customer's attention and converts its digital experience into online and offline sales, which generate revenues and increase the brand awareness of our clients, to the full benefit of the ROAS - Return Of Advertising Spend. IDNTT covers the whole customer journey: a comprehensive portfolio of diversified and customized content, from "ecommerce content", On & Off line, Social Media, Customer care, In-Store TV, OTT TV and live streaming events.

Content for eCOMMERCE

A collection of product information 'inside and outside' of the client organization. Professional photo and video shooting. Multi-language copywriting, SEO oriented copy. Data entry and management of the client's CMS. Continuous updating of online content. Daily management of the site content 24/7/365.

DIGITAL and VIDEO content

Design, production, management, distribution and monitoring of Banner, NewsLetter, Landing Page, Blog, Website. Co-production of original videos and/or Format and Brand Content, specifically for TV, OTT, Youtube, Social channels and Web portals.


Brochures, Print Catalogs, Product Data Sheets, Corporate Identity, House Organ, Magazines and any kind of editorial content, marketing and sales.


Creation, management, coordination and monitoring of the Editorial Plan per each social channel, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, You Tube, Twitter, Twitch and Clubhouse. Daily production for any post, photo shoots, motion graphics and video animation. Analysis and reporting.

Content for the IN-STORE TV

Design and creation of smart and innovative content, content optimizazion in close cooperation with the marketing brand team. PoP production, In store VideoWall content for every point of sale. 24/7/365 assistance.

Content for OTT TV

Content scouting and related management of licensing and copyrights, trailers, plots and covers, encoding content video on demand. "On AIR" control and analysis of the different streams and different SLA services, managing any escalation to third parties.


Conception, planning, coordination, realization and direction of professional digital events in streaming, available also in 4K, for any media channel (Web, Social and TV).


24/7/365 Customer Care, through moderation and interaction with the community of our clients, in order to provide support answering their questions, applying FAQ and/or company policies shared with our clients. Daily interactions handled, overseeing every "touch point" of the client, such as public and private chat rooms, social channels and first and second level Inbound phone call with our multilingual and cross-country contact center.